The curse of the hunch back

Sounds scary right?

it is!

Due to many factors in our lives our postures are really beginning to suffer. heads are far forwards from looking down at phones all the time, shoulders rounded forward due to sitting and slouching.

It might not seem like much...yet! But continue with these poor habits and doing nothing to combat them can leave you with a little hunch later in life, causing pain and discomfort as well as limited range of movement.

We need to look at the future.

Will we still be able to do the things we do today, the every day tasks?

Do we want to live in pain and/or discomfort?

Do you want to be able to play with your grandchildren or be immobile?

Its crucial we look out or movement. It can affect so many things and cause so many unpleasant symptoms.

pain, headaches, stomach issues, poor sleep, it can even effect breathing!

So what can you do to improve your posture?

Avoid slouching when seating. At first, this will be tough. Over time it will seem more natural.

Add in

Bridges, back extensions and planks to help improve core and buttock strength.

Quit the 'duck butt'. Having your butt stuck out like an insta model can be caused my pregnancy, excess weight, and wearing heel excessively. So ladies, if you ever need a reason to get out of those devil shoes. Here it is!!!

Minimise time spent in heels.

planks, side lying leg raises and hip flexor stretches can alleviate this and et the pelvis to a more neutral position

Leaning on one leg, this can cause muscle imbalance over time which can strain the lower back and glutes.

Be more aware and try to stand evenly.

Plank, side lying leg raises and bridges are good exercises to strengthen your buttocks and core to balance uneven hips

Probably the most common....text neck/ hunch back. instead we should think about lengthening our neck, pulling our chin in.

Try holding your phone at a neutral height rather than looking down to it.

Chest stretches to open out. Rows and pull ups to help strengthen the upper back and draw the shoulders back can help.

Rounding of the shoulders, again mainly due to how we sit. It can also be common in 'gym bros' who train chest every day, but don't even it out with back work.

Take time to stretch out the chest and focus on adding in some rows into your workout.

Planks and bridges can also help with this

These are some of the most common issues I see and treat on a regular basis. If a therapist gives you exercises after treatment it for YOUR benefit.

Personal trainers should also pick up on imbalances and be able to tailor a workout to help with those. Of course, massage can help with the tightness in muscles, to increase flexibility, BUT I'm not actually here to plug for business but to share information with you to be able to help yourselves.

I do hope you took something useful from this post and if you have any questions please

never hesitate to get in touch with me. I will always try to help and offer advice where I can.

Leigh x

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