What is a muscle knot, why does it happen and what you can do to relieve it

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

I often have clients come and tell me they are full of knots.

What is a 'knot?'

First of all, muscles are made up of muscle fibres. They go in different directions and are layered.

Knots are actually when these muscle fibres begin to stick to each other and become adhered. That is the lump you feel as a 'knot'

Its common, but left it can cause many postural imbalances which in turn can lead to lack of mobility, pain and injuries. You don't need to be a gym goes to get these either! Things like working at a desk and have poor posture, putting stress on the muscles takes its toll long term.

Other than massage is there anything you can do?


Move more, incorporate exercise in to your routine. Be sure to work muscles evenly and add a good stretching routine too.

Take breaks from sitting at your desk, have a little walk and stretch. Try and think a little more about your posture too.

If you are in pain from tightness don't ignore it. When it reaches that stage its much harder to alleviate. A good therapist should be able to help ease these adhesions out, however we dont work miracles and it may take more than one session!

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