Why do I get Massage, what is the benefit?

Massage has so many benefits. Originally I got my first massage on holiday in Egypt as part of a beauty deal. Despite training 6 days a week for 2 hours a time for my boxing it had never occurred to me to have a massage. I can honestly say, I walked out feeling like Mr. know..from the adverts years ago! I hadn't realised I was tense, I was stiff, my training was likely suffering.

Continuing to box and train hard I told myself I needed these regular. I didn't however do this.

It came to me when not only running and partaking in my own classes and training, but covering someone elses classes for 2 weeks, that I really needed to get on this.

I now try to keep on top of sports massage appointments. I have bad knees due to tightness in the quads so its crucial I keep on top of stretching, massage and recovery in order to work and train properly.

I don't just have sports massage. I love a good spa day. When I go, I tend to opt for a hot stone massage. I find it hard to switch off from life, always thinking about the jobs I need to do. I am not a great sleeper. However, I find a hot stone including head and face massage can really put me to sleep.

You don't need to stick to one kind of massage, each modality has its own benefits, and you will usually find one you prefer over others. Here is a brief and simple breakdown if you are unsure:

Sports massage - Great for people who are training regularly. However its no good coming when injured. For best results schedule regular maintenance massage. 4 - 5 weeks.

If you have injuries, you may need to be seen more often in order to get you to a maintenance stage. We may do some PNF stretching and give you some exercises to help get you where you need to be to alleviate any imbalances.

Hot Stone Massage - Soothing, the heat can help ease muscles. great for recovery and relaxation. Can help promote sleep.

Relaxation Massage - For those who may have a few aches but nothing serious, you want a bit of 'me' time to relax and maybe have a nap.

Thai Massage - If you don't want to strip off this is fully clothed with no oil used. This is aimed at getting you stretched out and opening out the joints using pressure points to release tension in the muscles. pretty relaxing also.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage - This is usually advised pre and post op in order to help drain the fluid which tends to cause swelling. It can also be used for fibromyalgia and anyone with lymphodema. If you are suffering a build up of fluid due to medication, this could be for you. This is an extremely gentle massage that's not aimed to go as deep as the muscles, but is to calm the nervous system, and help the body disperse the lymph fluid. It is also great for relaxation..I dozed right off with this one!

Cancer Care Massage - For anyone undergoing or having undergone treatment many therapists are advised not to massage. In some cases this is true. In others massage can be tailored to your condition to ty and make you feel a little more comfortable.

So there's my round up. If you have any questions about any of my treatments please do not hesitate to get in touch with me

Leigh x

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