Healthy Hustle

Are you sick of the yo yo diets?

Throwing your hard earned money away on fad products? (that btw, dont work!)

Nobody wants to live on a lettuce leaf, or boring chicken and rice.

You dont need to join a gym, and have the hassle of finding a child minder. Or wasting money on a membership that you wont use.

If you want to get fit, healthy and feel more confident,

Get nutrition guidance that means you get results that you can keep, AND still enjoy the food you love? I mean...cake is life right?!

Join my HEALTHY HUSTLE group, its a monthly fee of £14.99 that can be cancelled any time.

You will have access to at least 4 live classes per week which will uploaded to the group so you can also do them in your own time. You'll be part of the facebook community group where we talk all things nutrition , share recipes and keep each other motivated.

My 4 and 8 week fat loss challenges have had great results and people enjoying During lockdown I have added more classes to the timetable, the ones in red are additional until lockdown is eased.

Class times


10-10.45am Spin

5.30-6.30pm weights (you'll just need tins, light weights, bottles of water)


5.30-6pm Combat HIIT


10-11am Booty and Abs

5.30pm Cardio club


10 -10.30am HIIT


5.30-6.15pm Bootcamp


9-10am Pilates

10.15-11.15am Spin

Whats your excuse?

Go ahead and get signed up today!

Upon signing up, you will be redirected to the Facebook group, please click to join as thats where everything will happen. Any questions or issues please get in touch

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