About Me

Hi guys and girls!
Some of you may know me, some of you may not. I have been in the fitness industry for over 14 years. Going from Boxing coach and boxer, to group exercise instructor and personal trainer.Hopefully if you attended or still attend any of my classes you enjoy them!
I originally got into fitness myself as I was overweight, I found boxing and had a real passion for that and weight lifting. I decided I wanted to go on and help other people learn to enjoy the process of reaching their goals. Thats where my journey started as a boxing coach and fitness instructor as well as personal trainer.  I then went on to train in sports massage to enable me  to help people further. Of course, I added many other types of treatment to the list too!

Whilst I still do the odd Personal training session I have taken more of a backseat and just provide programs for the most part. 

I decided I wanted to focus more on the massage side of business and put up 'The Hut' in 2020 and opened the doors in April 2021. I try to use products that are as natural as possible but still provide excellent benefits for the skin which my clients love!  Its also enabled me to meet so many amazing people and help so many people, whether its to relax, recover from surgery or to help with injuries. In 2021 when the lockdowns were eased I was asked if I would consider working for Weston Park Cancer Charity offering treatments. to which I replied 'I'd love to!.' I work there 1 day a week and find it extremely rewarding to offer my services to those who may otherwise struggle to find a therapy.  

My most recent growth in business is making and selling some body care products which I source natural and mild ingredients for. Why do I do this? honestly, I had some free time and wanted to be creative. I couldn't possibly use all that I make, so selling some made sense especially as it compliments my holistic therapy and the products I choose to use in treatments. So far they have been a real hit! Thats enough of my ramblings, hopefully you know a little about me and how and why I do what i do

A few facts about me:

I was a competitive boxer and won Silver in the Nationals

I love dogs! If you're on my Facebook page, I'm sure you've seen my spotty lurcher or more recently Queen Nina

I don't just teach 'hardcore' fitnss classes (not sure why I got that reputation) I also teach Pilates with my gentle voice

Coffee and peanut butter are life...(not together)

If you ever see me running, you should run too...I dont run for 'fun'

I hope to meet you soon 

Leigh x